Teaching Grant


Principal Investigator, Virtual Teaching and Learning Grant, “Bullet Screen” for Virtual Teaching and Learning: An Innovation for Online Collaborative Video Analysis, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HKD300,000 (USD38,500).  

The goal of this project is to develop and implement an online tool for video analysis as a virtual teaching and learning activity using the innovative function of “bullet screen”. Bullet screen, or danmu, is a popular function in Asian video sharing websites where users can submit, view, and add textual commentaries flying in and out of screen like bullets while watching the videos online. The bullet screen as a learning tool enables students to watch the video at one’s own pace, pause anytime, and make comments in a virtual setting. Furthermore, it is designed to optimize collaborative online learning with video by encouraging interactions among students and between students and teacher while watching the videos as well as during face-to-face teaching by facilitate in-depth discussions of what was watched.   

Project website: https://www.cuhk.edu.hk/proj/bulletscreen/

Courses Taught

CURE2040 Television Studies 

This course aims to introduce the studies of television understood as a set of institutions, technologies and texts shaped by historical, cultural, political and economic forces. This course examines television’s historical evolution; its relationship to other media; its preferred genres; its models of televisual spectatorship and consumption; its politics of representation in regard to class, race, gender, and sexuality; and its economic modes of operation. Upon completion of this subject, students are expected to understand the content and form of television as well as its industrial, social, cultural, and technological ramifications.  

CURE3007 Cultural Studies of Gender and Sexuality

What are gender and sexuality and why do they matter? What are the significances and limitations of gender and sexuality as analytic categories? How are dominant understandings and practices of gender and sexuality constructed and contested in different cultural forms and social contexts? This course introduces the basic vocabulary and key debates of gender studies and how gender and sexuality intersects with other forms of differences. The course also explores gender and sexuality through various cultural products and media such as literature, film, video games, theatre, and social activism.   

CULS5204 Cultural Studies in Film and Video 

This course examines a variety of film and video work from a cultural studies perspective. It introduces the basic vocabularies in analyzing film and video works and understanding them as representations in regard to colonialism, class, race, nationality, gender, and sexuality. The course also explores the role of film and video in relation to institutional contexts and audience studies. Upon completion of this course, students are expected to understand the content and form of film and video as well as the industrial, social, cultural, and technological ramifications. 

CULS5412 Visual Research Methods 

This course aims to introduce visual research methods for innovative research projects drawing on frameworks in visual anthropology, media and cultural studies. This course examines visual analysis approaches for a wide range of media from documentary film, multimedia installation to new media formulations. Upon completion of this subject, students are expected to explain key methodological approaches in visual research and specify current academic debates in visual cultural studies.  

CULS5211B Basic Issues in Intercultural Studies 

What is cultural studies? What are the basic issues and key debates in cultural studies? This course examines the basic issues in intercultural studies with particular emphasis on (neo)liberalism and its ideologies, representation, gender and sexuality, and technology and ecology. Upon completion of this course, students are expected to understand the basic concepts and debates in cultural studies.