Selected publications 

  1. Tan, Jia. 2023. Digital Masquerade: Feminist Rights and Queer Media in China. New York: New York University Press. Book monograph.[] You can purchase the book through the NYU Press website and receive a 30% discount by using the promo code TAN30-FM.
  2. Tan, Jia. forthcoming. “Chinese Feminist and Queer Activism Against Gender-based Violence” in Routledge Companion to Gender, Media & Violence, edited by Karen Boyle and Susan Berridge. (under contract with Routledge).
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    [full article] 
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    [full article] 
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Other writings

  1. Tan, Jia. 2020. “Rewriting Cold War Film History: Kira Muratova and Her Films.” Cinezen Hong Kong. 重寫冷戰時期電影史:琪拉.穆拉托娃和她的電影
    [ link | pdf ]
  1. Tan, Jia. 2017. “Book Review of Queer Marxism in Two Chinas by Petrus Liu.” Modern Chinese Literature and Culture, June.
    [ link | pdf ] 
  1. Tan, Jia. 2014. “Where Are the Bold Girls?: Female Sexuality on Hong Kong Screens”. 豪放女,在哪裡?香港大銀幕上的女女情慾Ming Pao 明報. Apr 20: 9. 後收錄於《我城我性--香港性/別日常》
    [ link | photo