Visualizing Gender/Sexuality: Feminist and Queer Film Festivals in China  


2017-2018  Principal Investigator, “Visualizing Gender/Sexuality: Feminist and Queer Film Festivals in China,” Direct Grant for Research, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, HKD 70,000.

Since the early 2000s, a variety of gender/sexuality-themed film festivals and serialized film screening events have been used to promote sexual and gender diversity in China. What are the implications of the emergence of these gender/sexuality-themed film festivals and screening events? How are they conceived, executed, and received? In particular, how should we look at the adoption of English terms such as “queer” or “pride” or their use of “women” and “gender” in these cultural events? Can these film festivals/events be considered as what Lydia Liu has called “translingual practices” in the era of increasingly global feminist and queer visibility? Do they confirm or contest the “teleological development” narrative in the kind of feminist and queer globalization? By examining the above questions, this project will contribute not only to the debate on queer globalization, but also to existing scholarship on film festivals.